Rivarly split Pep-Rally

On Wednesday October 19, 2022, there was an announcement about the Rivalry pep rally. Student council is planning on doing separate pep rallies because of the gym capacity and having over 300 students in the gym is a safety hazard.

Many students who are going to be participating in the pep-rally will have to do twice as much work. This pep-rally is also going to be free since the student body is doing good so far this year.

“This year we have a lot more kids so it made sense why they split them but I think it’ll be cool because the activities could get more people involved” Junior Savannah Zamora said.

“I think it better because we won’t be all squished” senior Luis Manjarrez said.

Although many other students aren’t agreeing that it’s a great idea to split up the pep-rally. It doesn’t get the whole school being at the same event.

“I think it’s weird having a split pep rally like having all the different grade levels not attend the same school event doesn’t feel right.” junior Michelle Lozano said.

“I don’t think we should have split pep rally’s because I feel like it takes away from the hype” sophomore Ava Dennis said.

Junior Kahlyn Dena has CCTE on the day of the pep-rally and other students have it to. Everyone who went to CCTE missed the pep-rally and they didn’t get to participate and go.

“I think its not fair because what about the people that have CCTE, we won’t be able to go” junior Kahlyn Dena said.