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Students work to start small business

Opening his new batch of business cards, senior Eric Dominguez marks the start of his new business. Starting and running this small business, Eric provides lawn care.

“I actually have a lot of fun running my own business because I do it with my best friend and we just like doing the lawn care,” Eric says.

Having to head to work right after school is what students do when working a part time job. Running his own business, Eric can schedule when he wants to work, unlike senior Sean Diaz.

“I work 5 to 6 days a week,” senior Sean Diaz said. “I go to school until 4:15, then catch the bus and go home, then go to work from 5 to 9 p.m.”

Working right after school leaves little time to do homework.

“My job does affect me at school, I am tired at school all the time,” senior Cohen Armstrong said.

Having a schedule helps fix having time for both school and work.

“I get off work at 9, shower and do my work,” Sean said. “I have about an hour and a half to do my work.”

Doing both school and work leaves no time for outside of either.

“It gets me busy throughout the week, especially if I work weekends,” senior Cohen said. “It does sorta make it hard to see my friends.”

Not having to follow anyone’s schedule but his own, Eric plans more for his company.

“It won’t be a long-term career,” Eric said. “it will be something I will be focusing on for the next chapter of my life.”

The reasons for having a job in high school is often “so I can save money while I am in school,” Cohen said. Running a business requires different motivations.

“I got inspired because my neighbor asked me to do their yard and I found out it was really easy to do,” Eric said. “I started doing jobs around my neighborhood and just decided to make it into a business.”

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