Chapin Chronicle

Lockdown orders continue, people find new ways to pass time

Jesus Diaz, Reporter

April 16, 2020

People around the globe are being forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus and with a lot of time on their hands some of these people are doing some work on their home gardens. Gardening adds a certain aesthetic to your h...

Schools benefit from shorter school day

Isabella Arenas, reporter

March 11, 2020

Some schools think that the longer the hours, the more stuff students will learn. But the truth for most students is the longer the hours they’re in school the less they end up pay attention to things that teachers say. Not...

Students split on school safety

Antonio Chaparro, Reporter

March 11, 2020

                                                              Feeling Safe  While some people feel that Chapin should be a safe school since we are right next to the largest base in the United States, some students say oth...

Students take first shot at SAT

Alyssa Heredia, reporter

March 9, 2020

Teachers advised students to work on Khan Academy as much as possible. Some English teachers assigned an hour a week that counted as a grade, so it helped motivated students to actually practice and be prepared. This past Wednesday...

The Amish Project

February 18, 2020

Senior actor Isaiah Carrillo is scared. He is in a Amish schoolhouse with a gun to the heads of six girls. The police are outside, and he only sees one way one out of the situation. He shoots the girls and then the girls. The...

New Furniture

Jaeden Green, Staff Writer

February 18, 2020

It's the first week of second semester. Students pile into the library to check out new books or turn in old books they accidentally kept over the Christmas break. But when they enter, they discover something's different. Brand...

Schedule changes for students to begin semester

Alexa Elias Borja, reporter

January 24, 2020

Students were getting ready to return to school after the winter break on Jan 8. Back to work, tests, and maybe even new classes. Many students received schedule changes because they requested it or maybe the counselors made a...

Final Exam Exemptions

Alexa Elias, reporter

December 16, 2019

 To be exempt from a final examination in any class, students must have three or fewer absences and have a 90% average. In addition, students must provide either a digital copy (smartphone, laptop, etc.) or a print-out of attendanc...

Serious Senioritis

Serious Senioritis

December 12, 2019

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