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Boy's Basketball is Prepared for Upcoming Season
Daniel McFadden

In the new 2022-2023 varsity boys Basketball team they are hoping to get back to playoffs without Kj Lewis. The coaches have been working to...

Students Push for Holiday Spirit
Daniel McFadden, Staff Writer

Students have been putting in their opinions on what they'd like to see this holiday season. Some people have different opinions on how long...

Varsity cheer dances with the Chick-fil-a mascot before kickoff.
Battle of the Northeast, the tradition continues.
Jolene Martinez, Staff writter

The rivalry game against the Andress Golden Eagles comes with student council activities aimed to raise school spirit. The dress up days matched...

Rivarly split Pep-Rally
November 9, 2022

On Wednesday October 19, 2022, there was an announcement about the Rivalry pep rally. Student council is planning on doing separate pep rallies because of the gym capacity...

Happy Hallo!
Armani Martin, Editor • November 7, 2022

Students dressed up for homecoming spirit week. The theme was music and had a dress up like your favorite artist day.
Spirit week comes up short
Carlos Gonzalez, Staff Writer • November 3, 2022

Students like Mari Shangs have been unsure about the homecoming spirit week due to the lack of creativity.  “I feel like the themes were boring or they were the same...

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Christopher Herrera and Daniela Cruz, Staff reporters • October 28, 2022
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Students value classroom environments
Nathaniel Ruiz, Sean Sanchez, Brayden Arnold, staff videographer • May 31, 2022
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