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Blood Drive

Giving blood to those in need. The student council had their annual blood drive in the library. Students could donate their blood during school.  

Student council members helped in the organization of this event.  

“Student council was able to assist the blood drive by passing out the passes with the time slots students were meant to give blood,” senior student council member Dessert Rain said. “We were able to check students in who came to give blood.” 

It was recommended not to perform any physical activity after giving blood. Dessert was unable to donate because she had to cheer at the basketball game that night.  

“I was pretty bumed out because I really wanted to donate.” Dessert said. 

Like Dessert who wasn’t able to give blood, Junior Ivan Dominquez wasn’t able to give blood either. Though he had the motive, his fears overcame him.  

“I was scared because when my brother donated, my mom told me, he got very sick, so she told me to not donate, and I’m also really scared of needles,” Ivan said.   

Some students wanted to donate to help people. Senior Ismael Herrera who once received blood when he was hospitalized, donated.  

“I wanted to save somebody’s life, we underestimate how many people need blood in serious life or death situations,” Ismael said.  

He was even so proud that he donated.   

“After donating I felt so proud of myself because I knew I was able to make a difference in somebody’s life,” Ismael said. 

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