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Restroom gates

The gates usually get closed around 4:30 pm and all of them are open by 8 am.

Restroom Gates

The school has put gates on all the restrooms in the building to keep people out at certain times of the day. 

 Students do not like the new gates on the restrooms stating that they are no use.

“I am not a big fan of the new gates I feel like everything was fine the way it already was,” sophomore Christian Enriquez said. “I don’t get the point in them I see how they close them at certain times but it doesn’t stop anything major or big going on, so I find them pointless.”

Other students have a different point of view on why they help the campus and prevent from ditching.

“I like the new gates it keeps people out at certain times. Students like to go in there and ditch class and hide in the stalls, so the gates help with that forcing students to go to class,” freshman Teijo Ramirez said. “It keeps the restrooms not a hangout spot for some students.”

Teachers like the new gates. They help their students come back to class faster and it keeps students from vaping.

“These gates have been so good so far it helps keep my students in class because the gates on the restrooms are locked which has been helpful,” French teacher Olga Olivas said. “I noticed that it keeps kids from vaping in the restrooms now there locked it prevents some from doing those activities.”

Students say that it makes restrooms a place to do our business more than a hangout spot.

“The gates have been a great investment by the school because it makes it feel like restrooms now,”sophomore Christian said. “The gates scare people from wanting to go in there and hangout which makes it easier to get in and out. So, in all the gates have made the restrooms safer and secure for everyone who wants to use it.”

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