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ID’s required for school entry

Michelle Lopez
The Agenda states all the requirements for the IDs. Not only ID’S are used as a hall pass but agendas as well. Students have to pay a five dollar fee when they loose an ID.

With the new school year ID’S have become a requirement for students to have at all times. This are the students opinion on the ID’s.

ID’s are required when entering the building as well as using it as a hall pass.

“Honestly yeah I ain’t trying to get shot up like it’s kinda crazy have you seen what’s going on,” junior Desmond Petty said.

ID’S are know for school safety and to be worn at all time but student have different opinions about it.

“I don’t feel it’s necessary since we are already in the building it should only be required when you enter the building,” senior Isabella Cervantes said.

There has been incidents that have occurred that has caused the ID’S rule to be more strict.

“Andress got a threat, Burges has had a threat, Irvin has had a threat-gun threat,” Desmond said.

ID’s are not just a requirements for students but also for adults.

“Not only students could trespass other school but adults as well,” engineering teacher Juan Clague said.

Teachers are pressing students to bring their ID’s or to get one.

“That is a safety issue everyone needs to have ID’S for safety reasons, at any point in time we need to know if there is anyone without an ID the idea would be is they don’t belong to the school,” Clague said.

Teachers have different opinions on how many students have ID’s.

“A lot of students have an ID because they think it is important,” chemistry teacher Maria Meza said.

Students complain about the $5 fee.

“There areĀ  few students that got their ID’s because they don’t want to pay,” Clague said.



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