Students ‘chalk It up’ on school concrete


Nathaniel Cruz, staff reporter

Chalk It Up is an annual event in which art students are given the opportunity to decorate the school with their creativity. 

“They get to submit an artwork of their choice and take it outside to the front area with chalk pastels and redraw that drawing on the floor,” said art teacher Regina Chavez. 

“When the students go out, they have to pick a space in a designated area,” Chavez said. “There are certain areas that are not drawn in so students can walk through those areas and keep the artwork from getting destroyed.” 

Once a space was chosen, the students began to work on their drawing. 

“They outline their initial drawing with white chalk, and then when they add the color with the chalk pastels,” Chavez said. “They use a brush with water to blend the pastels together.” 

Most students got to choose a single concrete panel, but sophomore Matthew Valez got to draw on multiple spaces in front of the fine arts building.  

“I was the last one to choose and they said I could use it. I drew a Puerto Rican tribal tattoo because I’m Puerto Rican and I do this stuff,” Matthew said. 

The event was usually in May, but this year it took place on Friday, April 29. 

“We’ve tried to make it a little bit earlier, so it can be a little bit cooler for the kids,” Chavez said. However, the weather still wasn’t ideal. 

“It’s hot. It’s very hot,” said sophomore Alexia Christensen. 

“It was really windy in the morning, but it got hotter so it’s kind of nice when I get sprayed with the water,” sophomore Matthew Aguilar said.

Students used their spray bottles to cool down as well as to blend their chalk. 

“It was pretty peaceful and enjoyable,” sophomore Tiphany Simone said. 

Overall, students had good time during the event, especially for first timers. 

“It’s definitely new, I’ve never done anything like this before,” Alexia said.