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Behind the Mask

Getting to know the school mascot
Xander Gonzales
Walking away. The Husky started the cheer and let the crowd finish it. “I think he is a very crowd engaging husky,” senior Desert-Rain Martin said.

Sitting crisscrossed with his paws on his face, the Husky watched the Legends perform during the Canutillo game. Continuing the tradition of keeping the husky’s identity a secret.

Students who don’t know who the husky is, try to guess his grade. “I would say that the husky is a sophomore or a senior because they are very spirited and outgoing,” junior Noah Peko said.

Most students think that he is in any grade but a freshman.

“Our husky is cool. I think he is a super senior because he has been here a long time, I just took a guess,” freshman Fernando Duran said.

The Husky is known for doing dances and cheering at Varsity games.

“My favorite thing I’ve seen him do is cheer for the team. He was like dancing around and bringing chapin spirit,” Noah said.

The Husky goes up to the band to bring more hype.

“My favorite thing to do with Husky, when he sometimes comes up to the band, is to just talk to him. He answers in a mascot way, like visual expressions,” Fernando said.

Students who know who the husky is, are supposed to hide the identity of the husky.

“I don’t know him very well, I just know he knows my best friend,” junior Aiden Fechner said.

Guessing his identity, freshman Andres Jones thinks there is more than one husky.

“I’ve seen the heights vary,” Andres said.

There are certain ideas that students would like to see be done with the husky.

“I think there should be more than one husky, we should find the shortest person in school, and dress them up in a husky and do like a father-son business,” Aiden said.

During the homecoming football game, two students went down onto the field, one in a gorilla costume and one in a shark costume. They went to take a photo with the Husky.

“I think it was cool during the homecoming game that someone in a gorilla costume and a shark went down to the husky,” senior Darlene Hinojosa said. “They should all started break dancing or did a chase.”

The Husky gives the students attention, usually the ones closest to the field.

“My favorite thing he did was that he gave me a high five and actually noticed me,” Aiden said.

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