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Preparation for the Fall Show

The fall show for this semester featured dances from jazz to contemporary . On December 13, Mariachi, Orchestra, and Dance performed in the main gym.

“We started getting prepared for the fall show in mid-August,” junior Hanna Salas said.

The show is usually held in the theater, and dance is the only one that performs, but this year they performed in the main gym and had the orchestra and Mariachi perform as well.

“This year only dance three (class) had the chance to perform with legends, but we had to split the gym’s space with the others. It was a very different experience, but overall, I think it turned out pretty well,” dance teacher Jessica Warner said.

Some students were both in mariachi and in orchestra.

“It took me a lot of practice and time management to learn all of the music and also have time for schoolwork,” junior Daniel Sanchez said.

Since it was a different setting, there were a couple complications while setting up and how the show was carried out.

“We had to figure out and change the lighting so it could be even,” Warner said. “I also wasn’t able to watch the show since I had to turn on and off the lights.”

Junior Sofia Salas had to learn both mariachi and orchestra pieces as well as lyrics to a song.

“During the performance, it was fun being part of both,” Sofia said. “Learning the pieces all at once was kind of stressful.”

The audience enjoyed the performance.

“I really like the combination of all the different skills that were performed,” said Adriana Vasquez, who was in the audience.

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