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Thriller Dance surprises after school

Michelle Lopez
On Halloween day, the dance team stands in front of the main building and performed for the school. Some dancers and students danced with their halloween costumes.


October 31st is the night of Halloween, where students get to disguise themselves and dress up for a thrilling night. The dance classes and legends surprised the school by dancing thriller on Halloween as soon as the bell rang after school. The dance teacher Jessica Warner started preparing her students a month before the event and teaching them the choreography. 

“At first most of my students didn’t like the idea of dancing in front of the school but once they started to learn the dance, they started getting excited about it,” Warner said. 

Junior Delilah Flores is a dancer in Legends was excited about the performance. 

“When we started getting into our positions, I felt the butterflies creeping in on me,” Delilah said. 

Some dancers felt like waiting for the actual dance to start felt like forever even though it only lasted for about 2 minutes. 

“The longer I was standing in position to start the dance the more I was scared of forgetting and messing up the dance,” said Sharon Rodriguez, senior dance student. 

Once the dancers got the dance out of the way they felt so relieved and happy. 

“I was so scared when the song started and I saw all the students staring at me but when I least expected, the dance was over,” sophomore Camila Cervantes said. 

Some students regretted not going full out when they performed. 

“All the effort I put into learning the choreography during class was for nothing since I did not do my best when I performed,” sophomore Genevive Edwards said.

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