Do-not-Drive Alone!


Saidee Garcia

The Chapin Student Council held a donut drive for students who carpooled this past Friday to encourage the minimal use of gas. “Do-Not Drive Alone” is a project that was organized by Environment and Energy Chairman junior Sienna Villalobos.

This is the first project of the Environment and Energy committee organized this year.

“I was very excited to organize this event and to hopefully see a good amount of student participation,” E&E chairman Sienna Villalobos said.

Each Student Council officer was asked to bring a box of donuts to distribute in the morning before first period at the student and fine arts parking lot areas.

“The donut drive went very well, it was fun to do because we were able to spread awareness and also hand out treats to make someone’s morning special,” Social media manager junior Brisa Matamoros said.

Students appreciated the gesture of the council and didn’t expect it.

“It was cool that me and my friends got free donuts just for carpooling because we do it almost every day anyways, it made my morning,” junior Brandon Dominguez said.

This is the second time the council has done this project and hope to continue pursuing it towards the end of the spring semester for years to come.