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Fading out

Fewer students know traditions

In shock, senior Jaime Figueroa learned that his younger brother doesn’t know the traditions of his new school.

“When I told my brother about our rival pep rallies, he had this confused look on his face,” Jaime said. “It made me realize what little traditions we have.”

New students, freshman or transfer students, are not really sure what traditions the school has.

“I do not know any school traditions. I would like to know if we have any,” freshman Jasmine Alonso said. “I definitely want to see school traditions.”

A tradition that has been dying out is “spirit Friday.” This tradition allows students to wear as much school gear as they could on Friday.

“It probably died out because a lot of people lost interest in following the tradition,” sophomore Natalia McDougall said.

Underclassmen like sophomore Julianna Huffman, had a confused look on her face when mentioning spirit Fridays.

“It is kind of sad that students don’t know school traditions,” Julianna said. “Even if it’s not popular.”

Students feel having traditions makes school special.

“It makes students feel more welcome at school,” Natalia said.

Natalia believes that traditions should be started, and it should begin with the students.

“For sports, it would be really cool to see more competitions against other sports,” sophomore Julianna Huffman said. “It could be football against tennis, instead of just football against football.”

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