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The ripple effect of eligibility

EPISD web page
The eligibility is posted on the Chapin EPISD website. This helps students and coaches keep track on when the due dates are due.

Students are having issues with eligibility activities in the organizations. Participants in these organizations feel pressured in UIL events to pass.

UIL is an organization that holds eligibility for students who want to do these events. They set the rules that you must “pass or no play” in these activities. Students said that eligibility should just be taken away for the better.   

I want this rule to be taken because it hard to keep up with the work and still take action in the activity that I am in, without being exhausted,” sophomore Koby Broner said. It’s very draining keeping up with both things knowing that my basketball team is counting on me to play.

According to the district website that is the reason for this rule and their priority to put education before the extracurricular activities. Parents agree with the UIL “no pass, no play” rules.

“This rule needs to stay because if my kid is not passing what makes him think he has the privilege to have fun or partake in these activities,” parent Amy Smith said. So, this rule needs to stay enforced to all students to pass to do something school involved.

Coaches have punishments if not eligible. Students feel pressured by them to pass even more so they don’t have to do punishments.

My basketball coaches usually give us punishments if we don’t pass our progress reports and report cards,” freshman James Foster said.What they make us do isn’t insane but it’s something I want to avoid. We must do things like run or push carpets across the gym floor which isn’t fun, so it makes me pressured to pass.”

For students, the pressure of eligibility leads them to teachers for help to pass. And for teachers, it becomes frustrating.

“Look I get that the students want to be involved in something and stuff but if they need that passing grade”, science teacher Adrian Avila said. “They would do what It takes in class to have the passing grade. Getting business done when it needs to be done so us teachers don’t have to be asked this question. So, in all students need just to stay on task and get the work done if they want to be a part of something and eligibility won’t be a problem no more.”

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