The Return of Covid 19

Jordan Garver

With the virus being the fear of many since 2019, Texas may seem like a safe place to be. Texas has many people and much higher chances of getting better equipment for the virus. Though, you’d have to be a Texan to know the truth.

   Texas has had close to 2,401,898 with up to 95,027 active cases up to today. Texas might seem like it’s the place to have a pandemic spread rapidly. Which stands true since Covid took till early February of 2020, to reach them. But even with the vaccine seeming to be the break of this pandemic. Still only 60% of Texans are fully vaccinated. Texas being the second biggest state in the U.S., it’s no wonder there’s so many cases. But the virus is a dying virus in other states so why not Texas? 

   It’s said that the south has the worst over all cases of Covid. That includes: Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Texas has been working hard to prevent the spread. Where other states have no school rule on masks or masks being mandatory. Texas still has strict rules for masks. Texas might seem like a safe place where you can be Virus safe. But would you wanna be in Texas with something that may go down in history as the longest pandemic with modern technology?