Students find new activities due to Covid-19 spread

Isabella Arenas, reporter

As malls are shut down, schools, concerts, and tourist attractions, it is recommended that even those that show no illness still self-quarantine until further notice. Staying inside is a good way to protect yourself from the coronavirus but being stuck in your house for such long periods of time can get pretty boring for many people. Luckily, there are hundreds of options to choose from, you just got to look a little closer to what surrounds you.

“A few days ago, I was really bored and surprisingly I was just kind of tired of using my phone, it gets tiring after a while,” freshman Isabella Moreno said. “So, I spent time with my younger siblings and got out some board games and stuff and turned out it was actually pretty fun.”

According to bgfalconmedia it seems to be a really hard time for people everywhere, especially where cases are rising faster than ever like Italy and the U.S. Many people are forced to stay home leading them away from family and friends that they hang out with every day. But there are still ways friends and family can interact without actually being together.

“Netflix party, it’s so fun and while in this quarantine I found out about it through Instagram,” sophomore Bianca Rodriguez said. “Or sometimes we use the zoom app to create video chats for a bigger amount of people, I definitely miss my friends and it’s very nice just being able to see them and catch up with things until we can see each other in person again.”

While being given more time to do things, since we are stuck inside and school was canceled in EPISD and other surrounding districts, we may have more time to practice hobbies that we enjoy. If you enjoy drawing you have plenty of time to sit down and practice for a few minutes, or maybe you enjoy dancing, you can clear a spot and practice some routines.

“I recently just started practicing on getting the splits, I have always wanted to do them but never actually had enough time,” sophomore Viviana Torres said. “With the help of some YouTube videos, I am starting my own little journey to practice on something I have always wanted to try.”