Sudden changes of weather hit home

Jesus Diaz, Reporter

The effects of climate change have finally reached the desert city of El Paso after it snowed two separate times within two weeks, something which isn’t common in a dry, arid desert like El Paso.

Although earth’s climate has been changing thousands of years the recent change in earth’s climate can be attributed to human activity since the mid-20th century, according to data collected by NASA scientists. According to the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) there will be a 2.5 to 10 degrees fahrenheit rise over the next 10 years, but climate change isn’t limited to rising temperatures but also includes falling average temperatures like in El Paso.

“It really doesn’t happen that often here, you always pray for it to snow in Christmas but it hardly happens,” freshman Patrick Silva said. “It was very odd for it to snow in February this year.”

Odd weather like that of the snow in El Paso could be related to the effects of climate change,”I know that this is related to climate change because I have been living in El Paso for a long time and this does not happen often,” geography teacher Mr.Jones said.

Others however recall that this is not so ordinary at El Paso.

“It probably snows once per year in El Paso and this year isn’t much different,” coach Perez said. “One time I remember it snowed in April and also once during Thanksgiving week.”

Although there have been times that it snows in random months.

There are those who do enjoy the snow and are just glad that we got some extra snow this year.

“I really like it when it snows because you can just be at your warm house and watch some TV or you can go outside and play with the snow,” freshman Cristian Lugo said.