Be More Chill last play

“The play is about a nerdy kid who takes a pill and becomes cool and chill and what happens afterwards,” freshman Pablo Legarreta said. The Work light theater company is doing their last play of the year ‘Be More Chill’.

“I love the casting, I think he did a good job casting who would do good at embodying the characters,” sophomore Justyce Smith said. There will be multiple performing nights so there is two cast list. Cast one will perform on two nights and cast two on the other nights. There will be four show nights, three to the public and one for a middle school.

“I play 2 roles; my main role is Brooke who is one of the popular roles and my secondary role is the drama teacher Ms. Reyes. I am most excited for Brooke because I love playing these ditsy little characters,” Justyce said. Some of the cast from cast one will also be in cast two as smaller or bigger roles and everyone in a smaller role will also be doing ensemble.

“I am looking forward to the show because this has been a show that has been near and dear to me for a long time and to finally be able to put it on stage makes me really happy,” Justyce said. Be More Chill is a Musical with a lot of background characters helping along with the story.

“The jokes are going to be the best part of the play; the jokes are dark humor. One of my favorites parts of this play is the characters because of their entertaining dynamic,” Pablo said. Be More Chill has a lot of hidden jokes and ways to make fun of the characters.

“This is my last play of the year and I feel bittersweet about it, it feels nice that I am a part of a performance again, but it is probably the last time I will be doing something like this again,” senior Alex Reed said. Alex does sound for the theatre company and is looking forward to seeing how the play will turn out. There is a handful of seniors in the theater company.

“Zach and Melanie really made me feel so welcome and that this was really the place for me, it’s almost like they became parental roles for me, so for them to be leaving makes me kind of sad.,” Justyce said. Zach and Melanie are the president and vice president of the company, and it is their senior year.