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    Ticket Deadline

    New and updated forms of selling tickets to the end of the year activities come with a deadline.

    “Most kids couldn’t buy tickets,” senior Joel Gutierrez said.

    Tickets were only being sold online and limits one ticket per student email for every event except the play.

    “I bought tickets for the play, and I felt a little rushed,” senior Cohen Armstrong said.

    Tickets had to be sold by May 15th and could start selling until the specific school activity got approved.

    “I feel like we would have had a lot more people come to the play if there wasn’t a deadline,” senior Joshua Render said.

    When buying the tickets you had to log into the EPISD school cash online if your email was registered with the school.

    “I wish I could have had the chance to go to the basketball game,” Joel said. “It made me a little upset because I wanted to see all my friends play against the teachers.”

    The tickets can only be bought using a card.

    “I think it was a little weird that it was online,” Cohen said. “It’s easier to ask your parents for 2 dollars than to ask them for their card.”

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