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    Students thoughts on the bulletin boards

    As the paint dries, new bulletin boards are put up. Having the bulletin boards put up in the major halls brought a new way to advertise to the school.

    “I guess the boards have potential for being informative for the school, it just depends on how they want to use it,” senior Angel Rivas said.

    Not being allowed to hang any posters on the wall, the bulletin boards give students a specified area to share news.

    “I like the boards, they are very informative,” senior Angel Hurtado said.

    Between the information about clubs and organization, each poster must stand out.

    “I feel like the bulletin gives the school more of a school aesthetic because well, it is a school,” junior Pablo Legarreta said.

    With no single club having ownership of the bulletin boards, students are free to put information on whichever board they’d like.

    “I think it will be hard to find a balance of all the clubs,” Angel Rivas said. “I think they will be able to figure it out.”

    Students often see what is being represented nationally on the boards.

    “I like the Black History month bulletin board because it teaches a lot,” Angel Hurtado said. “I would like to see more about U.S. presidency because I only know like three presidents.”

    The boards also show scholarship opportunities.

    “I would like to see more, like scholarships and internships, community service and stuff like that,” Angel Rivas said. “Not just school spirit stuff but things that will help them build themselves.”

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