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    Test Worthy

    Providing a photo ID, senior Antiono Gomez walks into the AP statistics testing room. Having to arrive 30 minutes early for a three-hour test.

    “I do not feel prepared,” Antiono said. “It was a subject that was very confusing.”

    Advanced Placement or AP classes work through all the units of the subject in preparation for the AP test at the end of the year.

    “I feel confident because Keith is a really good teacher,” senior Abel Diaz De Leon said.

    The number of AP test a student takes depends on how many AP classes you have. Students like senior Alicia Montoya are taking four AP classes.

    “Ms. Renteria really installed the courses into us and all the information,” Alicia said.

    Passing the AP test gives you college credit for that subject and the class grades raise GPA’s.

    “The hardest part is going to be remembering everything, all the equations from the start of the year to now,” Abel said.

    Students who take the most AP classes are often seniors.

    “I don’t feel ready for all of the tests but it’s most likely my fault,” Alicia said. “Because senior year is really busy with all the college applications.”

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