Boy’s Basketball is Prepared for Upcoming Season

In the new 2022-2023 varsity boys Basketball team they are hoping to get back to playoffs without Kj Lewis. The coaches have been working to rebuild their team with the current players on the roster.  

Coach Lewis aggressive defensive game plans going into the first 2 games here some player stats, Bryson Goldsmith had 19 points, Jaden Leverette had 19 and Diego Villanueva 21, Game 2, Bryson Goldsmith with 16 and Brandon Hymes 16.

New players having to adjust to the new system was difficult, however returning players helped them with their confidence.

“It was hard at first but with the players that been here, their support made it easier,” Eli Rodriguez said. 

Seniors are attempting to stand out to be star players on the team. 

“Oh yeah for sure this season means lot to me, I’m taking this one personal,” Bryson Goldsmith said. 

Players are ready for the season schedule and tournaments that are upcoming.

“I like having something to do and doing something I’m good at while I’m trying to move up in the depth chart,” Savion Jordan said. 

The coaches have a goal to get the team back into the playoffs at the end of the season.

“If we play good defense this season and make shots we’ll be ok,” Coach Lewis said.  

Some players believe they could make an impact to the team and are determined to as well.

“I think I could be good for the team, very good at getting to my own spot and getting a bucket so I just have to get the ball in my hand,”,Xavier said.