Filming the Varsity Football Game

Varsity Football Film 
Have you ever seen highlights about your favorite varsity football player? Have you ever wondered how the highlights are made? Well at Cpt. John L. Chapin High School, there are two students, Nathan Zamarripa and Sebastian Alvarado, that are responsible for every bit of highlights that you see, they make up half of the Film Crew.

The crew meets up at the field house at 5:00 and gets in the truck that holds all of our equipment. Nathan and Sebastian along with the coaches and two other film members, drive to the game, grab our equipment and split up into two groups. They then have to set everything up and troubleshoot. “It’s a difficult task and things don’t always work right, but we always figure it out” says Sebastian Alvarado.

When troubleshooting is over with, and everything is good for the game. They sit down and wait for the referee to begin the game. When the referee blows the whistle at the start of the game, they begin recording from one end of the linemen to the other and stop recording when the play ending whistle blows. “We have to get it right on the dime, or the shot is ruined.” says Nathan Zamarripa when instructing Sebastian.

They repeat this process until half time, where they finally take a break. When half time is over, they return to their camera and continue filming until the game is over. When the game is over, they pack up as quickly as they can to avoid the leaving crowd and head back to Chapin. They then help the coaches unload the equipment and leave for the night. Usually get home around 11:00. The coaches must then edit the film that we have shot to share with the audience. “It’s a long and difficult process, but all in all, it’s a great way to end the day” said Nathan when talking about filming.