Locked Doors in Fine Arts

The fine arts building locked doors.

After the extra security measures, there have been some complications and complaints about what has changed in school. Students who take courses in Fine Arts cannot get to class because the front doors are locked. 

The Fine Arts building should be accessible without the need to bang at the door for someone else to open the door. Students have been warned that they cannot keep doors open or hold the doors open for other people. 

However, the Fine Arts building has been locked making it difficult for students to get to class, especially during tardy sweeps. Groups of students have been seen herding outside of the building waiting for someone to let them in. Most or some of the students end up late.  

I am one of the students who must bang on the door to get someone’s attention, so I am not late to class. The building is directly next to the main building, and the Fine Arts building is a building of its own, the classes should be individually locked, not the front doors.  

The doors being locked have caused a new repair to a door, that should not have been needed. The chances of another door being broken are high because the problem has not been changed. The frustration of students has gotten to the point where an unknown group of students were seen breaking glass in the front doors of the building. The glass was replaced the same day, but this should not have happened in the first place. 

Admin can monitor the doors when students are transitioning, so students can get to their classes. I have been stuck outside of the Fine Arts buildings more than once. The Fine Arts building doors should be open, so students can get to class without stressing out if they are going to be late or not because they cannot get to their class.