Prom experience hit or miss for students

Underwhelming outcome for prom of 2023


Students at prom pose for a picture on the dance floor.

This Memorial Day weekend on the 27 of May was prom for the Junior and Senior class. There is a lot of debate on whether it was good or not.

The majority of the people that went agree that the price was too much. This isn’t uncommon, as there were complaints about the price for the winter formal in February, which was discussed in another story.

“I thought the price was really expensive,” junior Desert-Rain Martin said. “I know my friends from different schools wanted to come but when they saw the price tag they decided they didn’t want to go anymore.”

Students agree that the event was worth going to, but it was just too much of a cost.

“It was worth it, but it wasn’t worth the fifty dollars,” senior Ayleene Marco said.

Not many people showed up compared to past school dances.

“I know a lot of the juniors didn’t want to go because it was their junior year and so they were just going to wait for their senior year, especially because the price tag was expensive,” Desert-Rain said. “I thought there was an okay amount of people but it surely wasn’t as much as homecoming.”

As far as planning went, some students believe that it was planned poorly.

“I think it was very rushed and last minute,” Ayleene said.

Others agree that the planning process went well.

“I think it was planned out well,” Desert-Rain said. “The decorations were not really there but there was a lot of people on the dance floor.”

Another student agreed that the decorations weren’t up to par.

“I feel like there could’ve been more decorations,” junior Sienna Villalobos said. “Just like more things according to the theme.”

The theme of this years prom was starry night. This theme was decided by the senior class officers who were elected by the class of 2023.

Although students said not many people showed up, there were quite a few people dancing.

“The dance floor was really crowded so a lot of people were dancing,” Ayleene said. “Not a lot of people were sitting down.”

Throughout the night the flow of the crowd changed.

“I think at first, this is how every event goes, everyone was sitting down and then as the night progressed people started getting back up but then as they got tired everyone sat down,” Desert-Rain said.

Students talked about how the food wasn’t that good.

“I actually did not have any of the food because it looked kind of gross,” Desert-Rain said.

Other students also agree the food didn’t like appetizing.

“I didn’t have any of the food,” Sienna said. “I saw it though, and it didn’t look too good.”

According to students, there weren’t many options for food to pick from.

“There were meatballs and chicken strips,” Sienna said.

The overall opinion for prom 2023 remains somewhere in the middle.

“It was okay, it was mostly just for the memories,” Sienna said.

The time for prom didn’t end up going that late into the night.

“It started at eight and ended at eleven-thirty,” Ayleene said.

Students agree that regardless of how underwhelming it was, people were still able to enjoy themselves.

“It looked like there was a good amount of people who were enjoying it,” Sienna said.

Students are still glad they went because even if the outcome wasn’t great, the memories were worth making.

“I think it’s worth it because it gives you memories,” Desert-Rain said.