Students head into final stretch


Armani Martin

The school is struggling with students leaving trash in the hallways.

The final nine weeks are in place! Students returned from a long spring break and prepare for more learning. It is the final time of the year for students. They have many events and experiences they will face during the “final stretch”.

“Well for me, it is better than Juarez, so for me, it is perfect,” freshman Emilio Espinoza said.

The conditions of the education system in Juarez are different compared to what students like freshman Emilio Espinoza have experienced.

“I want to be better than before so I can show that I can improve,” Emilio said.

He wants to put his words into action and continue improving to finish the semester. Senior Emmanuel Hernandez started his second nine weeks with good performance in all his classes.

“It’s going good because I found a job,” Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel enjoys having other responsibilities besides school. It gives him the opportunity to experience real-world applications.

“I feel nervous about the second nine weeks because of my advanced classes,” junior Saidee Garcia said. “I have major projects, but I know I’ll be relieved once I get them done.”

Regardless of her adversity, Saidee believes that the reward of her hard work will come.

“I believe I can do better within the second nine weeks if I stay focused and manage my time right,” Saidee said. “So far the second nine weeks have been pretty steady, I feel off to a good start and am keeping up with assignments.”

The school encourages students to improve and work on grades to become successful. Improvement is a great value to be more efficient and productive in their work.