Dress code thoughts

“See I work at the Humane society sometimes and the dress code is for our own safety, like not getting scratched or bitten too hard, so you wear long sleeves and jeans, however here you have no worry of that here and dress code can be broken when it is school related.”, Cia Martin said.

A handful of students would have something to change about the dress code, whether it be something small like baggy clothes or getting rid of it completely.

“You are showing your stomach and shoulders how does that affect anything. We all have the same anatomy just in different proportions.”, Brooks Nelms said.

Students don’t like the dress code, there was even a petition going around for the first 9 weeks.

“I got dress coded for my shorts being too short when they were really close to my knees. It did reach my fingertips, but I was wearing acrylic nails, so they counted it. I also got dress coded for my shirt going past my bottom, I was wearing a baggy shirt and shorts.”, Brooks said.

Some students think that the dress code is mainly directed to girls and mainly girl get dress coded.

“The dress code controls our freedom of speech in a way. I think that the shirt going past your bottom is dumb because if it is covering your body, it should be okay.” Diego Lacelin is also known as Blue.

Students see around 5-6 students every day breaking the dress code and not getting caught but they always hear about people, mainly girls, getting dress coded.

“There was this girl wearing a stitch shirt, the character, with high-waisted jeans. The shirt was like a crop top, but she was wearing high-waisted jeans, so nothing showed. They still got mad because it had the possibility of revealing something.”, Blue said.

Some students even just want to wear what is comfortable at school.

“I would change that you cannot wear baggy clothes and the shirt not going past your butt rule.”, Alyssa Ramiz said.

There is a rule in the dress code that your shirt cannot go past your bottom that most students don’t know about.

“They should change the shirt rule because not everyone can afford a shirt that fits correctly or good shirts.”, Xavi Antunez said.

Most students don’t get why the dress code is so strict on jeans with holes and shirts if they show shoulders and a little bit of their stomach.

“The dress code is basically saying girls must dress like this because of boys but at an all-girls school with guy teachers, it didn’t matter. The men get more leeway to be creepier.”, Brook said.