Issue: Harsh Family, Harsh Homes (EDITORIAL)

The Question: Should people take action?

Iben Alexander Sagun, Staff

It’s not very so often a student has a bad family. However, there are some students out there with some bad family members, or even people out there, which can be scary. Even other friends people meet online have a bad family and also a bad home. For example, someone’s step mom could have a terrible work for the family, or even the school could not . Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, schools and homes, it could be any problem that one student has a bad time handling, and they can’t handle it much. However, should this issue take more focus? Maybe the word hasn’t been spread out to the world enough. Should people around start taking action to these issues, there needs to be some people out there being able to help more people from their past relationships with relatives and schools. Around the time, or maybe later, people should make a decision if they should help out those with a harsh relationship with their past issues through families and homes.

People, families, and students alike can be in an area or environment where things can be very harsh. Rather its nature, buildings, or the people around, there can come an issue that makes living in that area hard or worse. Yes, of course, there are areas out there in the world that could be, perhaps, bad. Indiana was considered one of the bad places to stay in North America, due to how many problems it’s capable of, even when its major problems are drug and alcohol abuse. Nevada has a big problem in education situations, and that’s 39% statewide, bigger than the other issues there. Plus people can’t really be in one town or city in peace with out an amber alert going off. Rather its crimes or the disasters of nature, there are things that can go around. These types of environments can actually be harmful to others, rather it makes people hurt or harmed.

Going closer to the friends people worry alone, best to know about their problems with their families or friends. In any possible, rather it can be domestic violence or child abuse, it can be reported by those around them if the situation is actually a problem to take action to. In effects to these, those raised by abusive parents, families, or the people around them, there are mental issues to those victims of hate and hurt. People can possibly tell if that were to happen if that exact victim has depression, constant worries about something, poor work, extreme behaviors, delayed development, low self-esteem, and more problems. Students can think that this type of emotional abuse can be bad for a lot of people in general, even for people who with low income.

Not only about families, but what about schools? People can also take a deep look into the education of the people they want to help. Major issues can crowd schools as of now, and this may effect how people learn and develop. Bullying play a major problem, along side poverty, behaviors, and maybe even technology. In terms of bullying, it can happen in physical or mental ways, like embarrassment, rough talk, and even physical force. However, even if this happens, the adults, like teachers and staff, have to take responsibility in what happens and what is reported, because they do have the security or the age to be a greater support. An online person, by the nickname of Aztro has told an online group about people bullying them. They obtained a cut on their finger and even 3 scars from where they lived. The big issue they have is that there are not much adults around their school that did help them when they needed it, not even from the family. This issue can even go on for longer if the problem isn’t solved by then.

Although this seems like a strong argument, there are a lot of drawbacks. For one, people have to stick to the laws due to law enforcement on people. What they can say or do may be used against them in the future, even in court, though it can happen in any way possible. Younger people are more likely to be less reliable for information or support to help people. What they can say can be taken the wrong way, because they can be the same age as them, even if they are true to their word. In fact, people shouldn’t take treatment in the wrong way. This can come in the form of discipline or any other form that includes harm. People may not know if it’s discipline or abuse, even if it’s based on their occupation. Even for schools, cities, and states, people themselves may NOT have the right to change how things go around there. The place has to have a greater problem, like bullying or crime, in order for people to take the attempt to tell that school the issue’s growing. Even though a past president wanted to make America great, sometimes there are some states that are not to peoples’ expectations. It’s not what they thought it would be. There is one more red flag or problem to point out, which can be very crucial to people on social media. They won’t know if the person they are talking with isĀ lying or not, which can be thrown out as manipulation. Online friends can be fooled by others with false things they have said, like lying about abusive families in order to get pity or support in order to get rid of their own problem. Manipulation doesn’t just happen online, but also in real life as well, so people should be careful of that.

Even through not everyone can save other people in the way they want to, there is some way to assure them everything will be alright. They need to be careful out there, in social media or with people around them, if something is going on. from a text message to saying it to them out loud, it is best to say that things are going to be ok out there, and for themselves, hope for the best that their friend will be alright. Ranging from the young to the old, not everyone gets to be a hero, but at least they can offer some help by saying that things are going to be ok. Just make sure the evidence is real, and know if the abuse is happening or not.