Fall Back Into Music


Sienna Villalobos, Staff Writer

The orchestra has not had a live performance in over a year and a half due to COVID restrictions and online schooling. On Wednesday, November 11 the orchestra and mariachi will have their comeback fall concert.  

The ensemble attempted to have a performance during covid. 

“We taped a performance at the end of last semester, but it wasn’t really quite the same without an audience,” orchestra teacher Margarita Mendez said. 

However, Mariachi El Capitan has performed and not been away from an audience as long as orchestra.  

“We had the mariachi perform last night at the magnet night which went very well, it’s really nice you know, to have an audience,” Mendez said. 

The mariachi has not been established as long as the orchestra. The group started five years ago.  

“I have never heard the mariachi perform before so I was very impressed to see how much passion they put into their music,” freshman violinist Elise Perez said. 

Some students play in both orchestra and mariachi. They sometimes play the same instruments, but not always.  

“The orchestra is a bigger ensemble than the mariachi but the expectation from the students overall is higher because of how they have been prepping and working hard,” Mendez said. 

The orchestra members wake up early to practice in the mornings before school.  

“All the demanding work we put into these performances may seem pointless to others but to me it’s very rewarding when it has a positive outcome,” freshmen Elise Perez said.  

These performances are important to the members of the ensemble, and they have missed being able to share it with others.  

“Being able to have an outcome from the work leading up to the performance was gratifying in itself,” sophomore violinist Anna Vera said. “Finally being in front of an audience again was very fulfilling.”  

The orchestra has been looking forward to this concert and performing in front of real people.  

“My biggest hope is that we are able to give back to our community,” Mendez said. “Not just our chapin community but overall, the people that surround us.”