Things to do in El Paso

We all know that there isn’t a lot to do in El Paso. Yes, we have the movies or the mall but they all get old. Movies get old and just walking around the mall and spending money can get tiring and expensive. So, what could you do in your free time with friends or family? There’s actually a few activities. Number one, the zoo. A place you can go with family and even friends. El Paso Zoo is actually a pretty nice zoo. Some people who aren’t originally from El Paso are actually surprised with how nice this zoo is. You wouldn’t expect the zoo to have a LOT of animals. Another thing you could do in El Paso is hiking. The Franklin Mountains. It is one of the only mountains in Texas. Fun fact about the mountains is that it is very, very old. Hiking the mountains shows you an overview of the city and it is very beautiful. Not only is it beautiful and fun, but it is also considered exercising. A two-in-one! Lastly, you can go horseback riding. It lets you experience how to ride a horse and it is very exciting. It’s not everyday people ride a horse, except horse riders, haha!