You’re Hired: Problems students face concerning jobs

The high school day ends, but for some, the work still continues. In the state of Texas, one must be sixteen-years-old to begin working a paid job, thus, many High School students go to work after school, or on the weekends, while some are either looking for a job or don’t have one at all.

The stresses of high school are one thing that holds students back from applying, but some just don’t know how to get a job.

“I’m not sure where to start. Like, I’m not busy or anything after school, but I don’t know how to get a job if that makes sense.” Says Chapin student Isabella.

This seems to be the case with many. There’s the desire to have a job, but there’s also the problem with not knowing what to do in order to get one.

“When I first thought about getting a job, I procrastinated for a while. I didn’t know what to do. Then one day I just sat down and went on one of those websites and applied for a ton that was possible, then one day it just happened.” Said a Chapin Senior.

Another problem for students is time. Many don’t seem to have the time to get a job and work since school work seems to occupy a majority of it.

“I would get a job, I want to get a job, my parents want me to get a job, but I can’t. I have other things to do when I get home, and even though I would like to have some side cash, I’m too busy with homework.” Richard, a Junior, explained.

It seems that while getting a job is ideal, it’s also a bit of an ordeal. Parents pester their kids about getting a job, even some teachers mention it, saying it’s a good idea, but students aren’t sure how to do it, or if they’d even be able to fit it into their schedule.

“Maybe this summer I’ll just do it. I’ll figure it out online or something, and then start to work. Hopefully, I don’t have too much homework next year, so I can keep my job up, but who knows.” Isabella continued. “I know a few others who have jobs, and they do that while also having homework, and they’re always tired. They try and do both, then sometimes they don’t have time for school work. I think it’s definitely a matter of prioritizing things.”

Which leaves students asking, would they rather do school work or actual work?

My students consider working at restaurants, like fast food places. Some prefer to work as servers so they can earn tips.