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Chapin High School is full of different people, different characters, each playing their own role. Whether that’s football or book club, everyone has their own thing going on, and for someone like Kerstyn Gentry, that’s the Chapin Army ROTC.

Kerstyn, a Junior here at Chapin, class of 2020, is a Platoon Sergeant for ROTC. Her role as Platoon Sergeant, starting off as a staff sergeant, is to make sure the platoon is in line, corresponding with their platoon leader. She calls times as well.


Kerstyn is also in charge of the Chapin ROTC Youtube channel, an idea she recently came up with.

“They call me the assistant S5. The Youtube channel is like an introduction for new cadets, cadets thinking about joining, and just like a fun way to show our school spirit.” Kerstyn explained.

“It’s called the Chapin Army ROTC, and so far we only have three videos.”

Kerstyn then explained each individual video.

The first is an introduction for the Chapin ROTC Power Squad, then there’s the one for their Color Guard, and the No Skills meet, which was their first event.

“Each video has a significance to each extracurricular.”

Kerstyn films and edits every video before uploading it. She hopes to shine the spotlight on each separate group, breaking the stereotype, showing what really goes on, the versatility, and possibly inspiring someone else to join.

“I hope that other people will support us, just like we support them. Like the football players. We go to their games, we chant them on, we hope that they’ll do the same and support us.”

Kerstyn hopes that the new Youtube channel will allow everyone at Chapin a closer look, so make sure to Subscribe and support our Chapin Army ROTC!

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