Rise and Shine: Keeping Your Sanity In the Wake of Morning Practices


Igor Sapozhkov

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Caelan Roche

Now that we are moving into the winter months of 2018, kids around campus are being faced with a new challenge: Morning practices. No one likes to wake up early, and for kids who are playing a sport such as soccer, you’re required to wake up as early as 5:00 AM to make practice on time. Another group of kids who are experiencing trouble and strain is kids in band and orchestra. It is concert season, and morning rehearsals are mandatory to prepare for the big show. Thus, with all this being said, here are a few things kids faced with these new challenges can do to ensure survival during these hard times, and keep their grades and sanity in the process.


Soccer is no easy sport, anyone can vouch for that. From running for a straight 90 minutes to have to kick an ice cold ball, anything that adds to that pain is excruciating. Thus, for soccer kids, more specifically boys soccer, having the morning practice this year makes for some exhausting days on campus. Do not fret, however, because there are a few things athletes can do to ease the load on themselves during soccer season.

  1. Sleep earlier – It may sound stupid, but getting to bed earlier is crucial during this soccer season. As much as your peers may try to convince you otherwise, the scientific proof is that no one runs better on less sleep, and if you are a student involved in AP or Dual Credit classes, this time for school is chock full of work and projects that demand to be completed on time. With that, going to bed around 8:00 – 9:00 PM when you have practice the next morning is important.
  2.  Eat healthier РAgain, sounds preposterous, but you would be surprised as to how what you eat affects your body. Keeping a well-balanced diet full of things such as fruits, vegetables, and the essential proteins is crucial to be at your best for both soccer and school. Do not ignore the needs of your body, if you take care of it, it will take care of you!


Nobody needs to reiterate how difficult instruments are to master and play, and when you have a conductor breathing down your neck about concerts and the pressure of playing in front of loved ones, you need to be at your best at all times, or at the very least, as much as you can. To maximize this, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Learn your music ASAP – the hardest part about music is the music itself. With more challenging pieces comes more time consumed, and thus, you need to learn your music as soon as you can to ensure you play it when the time comes without trouble. Remember, it is important to keep the music in the back of your mind as much as you can: If you can play it in your head, who’s to say you can’t play it out loud?
  2. Have confidence – If there is one thing music and performing have in common, is that they are both minuscules is the person has no confidence. Work on being comfortable with your music and practice at home when time allows. You will be surprised how easily you can overcome your shortcomings or difficulties with the music as soon as you possess the confidence to take them head-on.
  3. Be patient – Music is a process. It may seem like the concert is right around the corner when in actuality its 2 months away, but have the know how to be patient with yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes and rest. No one ever got far by trying to never make mistakes.

So, in conclusion, take care of yourself this holiday season. Be generous to your body and make sure it can be at its best as much as possible because you never know when it will be called upon. Do this and I promise, your grades will flourish, and your mind will be healthy.