Goodbye Old Friend


This week the longtime debater and team captain, Devin Gill, left the debate team for hopefully bigger and better things. This sad event shocked no one more than Coach Thompson.

While it was no doubt a hard thing to do, the team hopes that Devin Gill will do well in his new endeavors. Fellow fencer and guitar player Mauro wishes the best to Gill.

“I hope he goes on to do better things because he’s my good friend.”

The decision was no doubt hard for Gill no matter his future plans. Gill wants the best for the team but clearly has his reasons for moving on.

“I don’t look forward to the tournaments as much as I did when I first joined, and there are some other things I want to explore. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve had some great experiences.”

The team will, unfortunately, be at a loss due to the sudden replacement of the team captain. Former debate captain Sarah Perdue reflected on her own replacement.

“I mean when I left things changed. I just hope next year you guys do better.”

All told everything will work out fine. The team will certainly do well in the upcoming NSDA and UIL tournaments, even under the new leadership. Devin Gill respectfully moved on to more important and better activities, and the team wishes him the best in all his future endeavors.