It’s Crunch Time at Chapin High School

It's Crunch Time at Chapin High School

As the first semester is coming to an end and finals are approaching, one can sense the stress and anxiety at Chapin High School. For freshmen, it will be the first official finals week they have ever had, and this can certainly be nerve-wracking as this test will determine a percentage of their grade. On the other hand, seniors will be experiencing one of the last final weeks until they enter college. Nevertheless, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel as exemptions are a possibility for those with 3 or fewer absences and an overall 90 average. AP students and Dual Credit students, unfortunately, can’t fully relate to this advantage as they still must take their finals for their rigorous college classes. Despite this, they can still escape the affected grade as if they meet exemption qualifications, their exam grade will not impact their overall class average.  Finals are not the only stressful part of these few weeks as it is a crucial time for most students as they try to raise grades to fulfill their semester average expectations as well as prepare to meet the last deadlines of the year. One can often see seniors outside the registrar’s office as they get their transcripts to finalize the steps of their college applications and scholarships as they prepare to depart from Chapin next semester.  In two more weeks, however, Chapin freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike will be able to breathe and get rest for 2 weeks. Crunch time will be over, and everyone will be able to enjoy winter break!