Eva Roche: Extravagant and Elusive


Caelan Roche

Running up and down the halls of Chapin High School, busting her 5’4” frame to reach her next class, Eva Roche is in a forever rush. She has every reason to be too: Being apart of the Chapin Mighty Husky Band as well as participating in Theater and PAP classes is sure to have a tole on any sophomore. Thus, to find out just what its like inside the mind of a child with as much potential as Ms. Roche, an interview is most definitely an order.

When sitting down with the young lady in her kitchen, Ms. Roche possessed the demeanor of someone with a lot on her plate. Upon sitting down, she released a hefty sigh, as if she had come home from along 9-5. The questions began simple: “How was your day? Everything going well?”. Roche responded promptly, giving a quick and breathy “Nothing much. Just doing me, I guess.” Without further or do, the interview began, and the knowledge gained both shocked and excited.

When questioned with the most stressful part of her schooling, Roche had quite a lot to say. “Ugh, it’s a combination of things, quite honestly,” she said, flipping her near-black hair out of her eyes. “From teachers to band to UIL for theater, it all just stacks on top of one another.” This statement holds merit , because as a student in her position, Ms. Roche has her services constantly requested around the campus of Chapin High School, requiring her to come in as early as 7:00 AM and leave as late as 8:00 PM on some days. When asked about her ideas for the future, Roche was optimistic. “I don’t really know, to be honest. I’m moving in the summer, so I’ll be splitting my high school career between two different schools. Not sure how to feel about that, but hey, what can you do?”

Overall, Ms. Roche encompasses the hardworking spirit of Chapin High School. She is experienced, resilient, and creative, all qualities of a fine young woman that will leave an impact wherever she goes and on whoever she comes across. This means, above all, that Eva Roche in and of herself will signify the best qualities of a student for her lifetime, and while she is still at Chapin, will continue to exemplify why we are the best school El Paso has to offer.