Think Before You Drink


Alexa Oaxaca

Being a teenager is not easy as going through such major changes comes with stress, both emotionally and physically. Due to this, many teens seek a way to relieve such stress in the form of drinking. However, there are also those who do it to experiment or as a way to fit in at a party, etc. No matter the reason, the drinking among teenagers has become a major issue in the US and many other countries as it has been reported that the average age an American girl has her first drink is 13 while among boys it’s 11. Mindlessly drinking at such a young age can unleash a chain of consequences that range from depression and anxiety to the possibility of developing drinking problems later in life. Of course, not all of these are automatic consequences from drinking once, nevertheless, when drinking at an immature age, the possibilities are definitely endless. Since the brains are still developing at this age the effects of alcohol can be deteriorating on the developing bodies. Not only this, but drinking interferes with good judgment and can lead to an unwanted change in behavior and character.

Drinking can not only get out of hand for those that begin drinking at a young age, but also for those who are beginning to leave home and explore the realm of adulthood. The highest prevalence of drinking occurs among young adults aged 18-25 and nearly 42% of this population had admitted to binge drinking at least once a month, (drinking five or more drinks in rapid succession for men, four or more for women). Binge drinking can lead to passing out, feeling ill, and behavior that could otherwise be uncharacteristic. Clearly, at this age that many seniors are approaching or have reached does come with a lot more freedom, but also a lot more responsibility and therefore one must think wisely before acting, as drinking does become popular in the mid-adolescence and college years.

Being a teenager is a roller coaster and reaching adulthood is definitely scary, but the way in which we manage this stress depends on us. It is up to us to decide if the route we take will make it better or only lead us down a path of new problems. Drinking is an act that comes with a lot of responsibility as the consequences that emerge from doing it are completely on us. Due to this, you must always think before you drink!