Spotlight on Christina Bowling

Gabrielle Franklin

Pencil scrapping paper at a math club meet, music played from a clarinet or perhaps an oboe, not to forget the chatter from the meetings of TSA, who is doing all of this you may ask? This feat accomplished by none other than Chapin’s own Christina Bowling.

Being part of a large number of organizations and managing as well as Ms. Bowling has is a difficult feat, yet one she has accomplished. Chapin is an active school and mentioned here is an example of one of Chapin’s most active students. She ranges from a PTLW magnet student to the clarinet section leader, yet even though she does so much, who exactly is Christina Bowling?

Christina Bowling is involved in a variety of school activities available at Chapin High School.

As Christina discloses they are, “I am a part of the Chapin Mighty Husky Band, Chapin Technology Student Association [TSA] and the Chapin Math Team. I am an officer for both the Chapin Band and TSA. I help with the running and planning of events. For the math team, I’m a competitor.”

Even though she may be a busy bee, she can be described as friendly, hardworking, and competitive. Ms. Bowling may always be involved or swamped by homework but she doesn’t let it stop her or show.

“What people are most surprised about Christina is that she’s laid-back even when she’s under a lot of stress… She’s really social and determined,” says Laura Soto, sophomore.

Christina Bowling is a very deeply involved student at Chapin High School, but that doesn’t stop her from spending time with friends or from enjoying high school to its fullest.