Personality Profile: Skyler Goodman


Alexa Oaxaca

An outstanding individual with multiple talents in the fields of athleticism and academics, Skyler Goodman has been able to achieve multiple recognition’s for her dedication and skills in these areas. Goodman, a junior at Chapin High School, has learned the true meaning of hard work and dedication through her enrollment in multiple AP classes and participation in cross country and track.

The thought of taking 5 AP classes is something that many would shy away from, but not Goodman. She has learned to manage her time wisely to maintain her high grades and her athleticism. Of course, Goodman like every high school student struggles with pressure and stress from the rigor that high school demands. However, to stay motivated Goodman always thinks long term, “I know all of my hard work in my classes and in sports will eventually pay off for college and beyond.”  Goodman also utilizes running as an “outlet” to relieve the stress that her demanding classes may cause.

Continuing in demanding classes is something that Goodman doesn’t plan on stop doing as she wants to attend UC Berkeley or UCLA due to the law majors that they offer. Goodman hopes to be able to continue to manage both academics and athletics when she graduates from high school as running is something that allows her to “not lose her mind and remain relaxed.”

Goodman is an admirable student who is admired by her peers who can see her hard work and determination. Anthony Ortiz, a junior at Chapin, describes Goodman as an individual who has “high determination for her academics and athletics.”  Jae Hwang another junior at Chapin who has also had the opportunity to meet Skyler admires the fact that she is “very nonchalant about her stress” which is something very challenging to achieve considering everything she has on her plate. Both students believe Skyler embodies the characteristics of an exemplary Chapin Husky as she always tries her “hardest” and always “goes above and beyond what is expected.”

Skyler Goodman is a determined and hardworking student who despite the rigorous academic schedule she leads, still manages to excel in extracurricular as well. Goodman still has another year left before graduation, but it is definitely going to be exciting to see what she will accomplish for what remains of her high school journey.