Gaming Trader – Lego Worlds

An image of gameplay of Lego Worlds courtesy of

An image of gameplay of Lego Worlds courtesy of

Gabrielle Franklin

You’ve probably heard of Lego. The tiny little blocks that hurt so very much when you step on them. For those that loved the idea of building whatever came to mind or what was given in the instruction for the packs, this video game will be appealing.

Overview: The plot for Lego Worlds is simply a bunch of achievements rather than an actual plot for the game but it gives you, the player, quite a bit of leeway to build what you wish. Worlds that are composed of legos in different themes that can be freely built upon and edited, truly remove limits for creativity.

Review: This is truly an incredible game if you enjoy building with legos. The ability to clone structures you build/see and a variety of other tools make the building possibilities almost endless. Some tools and easier navigation are to be desired but only if you plan to go all out on a project. This game is truly one worth playing.

Rating: 8.5/10