Carlos Barker: The Academic Phenomena


Anthony Ortiz

Personality Profile: Carlos Barker

What motivates a student to decide to take three of the hardest AP classes Junior year and still take two extra? Carlos Eduardo Barker, a Junior here at Chapin, took upon the challenging task of tackling these classes down. However, not only is he intensely dedicated into his academic, he is also involved in Robotics.

Carlos Barker is an overachieving student who aims to be the best student he can be. Participating in AP U.S. History, AP English and Language Composition, AP Physics, AP Computer Science, and AP Statistics, Carlos manages to juggle all the AP classes and yet still finds time to participate in extracurricular activities. Carlos, like any other teenage student, watches television and plays videos games. He holds himself to a “high standard” and always responsible and selfless with his academic work; therefore, Carlos manages to juggle so many AP classes. “I honestly don’t even know sometimes,” Carlos states, “I believe I’ve been able to handle them all effectively with good time management, motivation, and determination.” Carlos is determined to earn college credits through these AP classes and stay in the top ten people. Carlos is currently number 2 of the class of 2019 with a grade point average if 4.22.  Carlos aspires to be a Computer Engineer, “although 3D Animation has” caught his eye recently. He considers himself successful when “reached one of my goals and happy with who I will become.” Carlos also comments that he is happy with all of the accomplishments he has made so far. He admits that he lacks in the athletic area, for example, but plans to work on that.

Carlos Barker is an exemplary junior who is admired by his peers as well. Alexa, who had been friends with Carlos since freshman year, who emphasizes that Carlos has not been only a great, reliable friend, but also a “level headed person who is focused on the task at hand.” Jae, a junior who has recently known Carlos, stated that Carlos is also a smart individual who “doesn’t overthink his tasks” and is “very non-Chalant about his stress.”

Carlos recommends for the upcoming generation to stay “focused on what they want and not worry about an imaginary status quo that may exist or what others may think of oneself.” He emphasizes that there are other ways “to have fun and they’re just as good.”

“So basically, stay focused, don’t let anyone drag you down.”

Carlos Barker, the 2019 class salutatorian, is a determined, motivated student who along with juggling AP classes, has an active social life and involved with extracurricular activities. Carlos Barker is an exemplary student who aspires to accomplish all of his life goals.