Season starts witha Bang!

Football is taking this season by storm!  With the varsity and jv team looking for a perfect season and it hasn’t even started yet. Since we are only in the first three games of this year they do not count towards a record or a title due to the fact that those teams are out of district thus meaning they will not count towards the district title.

Coaches have been working hard on preparing their teams for the following opponent this week, Pebble hills. Even though freshman are trying hard to accommodate and be able to reach the levels of high school  and are doing a good job so far. The freshman coaches are Coach Fryeman, Coach Jones, and Coach Palido.

The football team is getting ready for this game and so is the marching band while they prepare for their show “Red Sky” directed by our own Christopher Lawhorne. The band has been practicing everyday in the morning for zero period and every other day after school all the way until 8 o’clock. But it will all be worth it come Friday night where they can show off their abilities at the half-time show.

To conclude, this season is going to be phenomenal and we can see that before it even starts.