Homecoming Just Happened, How Did the Students Feel About It?


Gabrielle Franklin

An image taken of the Chapin Homecoming decorations in the Fine Arts Building.

Mums, dresses,  week-long celebrations, choosing the Homecoming Court, and of course, the Homecoming game seemed to have  taken over Chapin High School. After all, Homecoming recently happened on September 29th. It seems that the school is prepared for it, but how did the students really feel about the events that took place?

“Homecoming is fun with people you love. Whether you’re dating or if they’re your friends,” says Juliana Ramirez, sophomore.

The experience of Homecoming is fun for everyone, and you don’t necessarily need a date.  From decorating the rotundas, to the lunch events, to the school spirit competitions between classes that took place, many events corresponded into Homecoming to add to the joy of the occasion. Not all students participated in all the events or are fans of Homecoming but most could admit to at least liking some part of the festivities.

“I love the days leading up to the day of homecoming. The dance has a fun theme and usually is great for students,” replied Christopher Anaya, sophomore.

 Many students like Christopher Anaya and Juliana Ramirez enjoyed Homecoming. From the week of celebrations to the game they were all in, but not all students enjoyed all of Homecoming or any of it as much as they did.

“I love the week leading up to Homecoming, it’s fun and enjoyable. I love the mums and wear them to the game. I’ve never been to the homecoming dance because I find it redundant,” replied Christina Bowling, junior.

“I myself am neutral towards the concept of Homecoming. The days leading up to it are usually very fun but the dance itself is very repetitive,” responded Laura Soto-Feliciano, sophomore.

Commencing at the start at Celebrity Day to the Spirit Day at Chapin High School, the events were spirited and full of Husky Pride. From the victory at our Homecoming Game against Austin to the dance the following day, students could be seen supporting our Huskies! Looking back at Homecoming, let’s hope for more participation in the school spirit activities from our sophomores and freshmen!

For some it’s a certain part of Homecoming or the idea of Homecoming that causes them to not be excited for the event. From the interviewed students, many Huskies were looking forward to Homecoming. Still even if you’re all in, partially in, or not at all for it, Homecoming happened at Chapin!