Not a Drill


Lock the door, draw the blinds, and be quiet. These are the basic lockdown instructions which students and staff practice each year. However, when there was a lockdown on campus on Friday thirteenth last week, multiple students and teachers froze. 

Students were listening closely when the announcements were explaining the situation. 

“I was waiting for the speakers to say that it was just a drill but when they didn’t, and they didn’t even say what the reason was for it,” sophomore Ruby Vasquez said. 

Students have heard of schools across the nation experiencing dangerous situations. 

“I just saw on the news a couple days ago that some school in Texas had been put on lockdown because of a weapon someone brought,” junior Savannah Zamora said. “I just never think about it happening here.” 

Some students explain how their classmates and teachers reacted when hearing that the lockdown was active. 

“My teacher didn’t know what to do at all, he was so confused, and all the students had to tell him what had to be done,” Ruby said. 

The absence of teachers and students led to more confusion within classrooms. 

“I had a substitute teacher in the class period when it happened, and to make it worse some kids left and nobody could find them,” junior Gabriel Ortega said. 

When a lockdown occurs, the school insists that no students message any parents or family because of the chaos it can cause. However, some students disregarded that precaution. 

“I texted my dad what was happening because I thought he could pick me up before anything else happened,” sophomore Mia Campa said. 

Everyone was able to see how people reacted when it is no longer just practice but a genuine lockdown. 

“This was really eye opening because it showed how differently everyone reacts when it’s no longer just a drill,” junior Savannah Zamora said.