Battle of the Northeast, the tradition continues.


Varsity cheer dances with the Chick-fil-a mascot before kickoff.

Jolene Martinez, Staff writter

The rivalry game against the Andress Golden Eagles comes with student council activities aimed to raise school spirit. The dress up days matched with the theme of the battle of the northeast. 

The student council did the theme on “targeting and taunting” the Northeast rival. The dress up days were halloween costumes, bbq dad vs. soccer mom, group costume, all black funeral wear, and hunting or Chapin gear.

“We went on Pinterest and looked up spirit week ideas that we thought would be cool,” spirit coordinator, Desert-Rain Martin said. “We just wanted the theme to be like were preparing to beat them in the football game.” 

Students were “excited” to dress up on these days. 

“Me and my friend group had all said we were going to dress up in all black for the funeral of Andress,” junior Devin Corralejo said. “My friends did not end up dressing up but I did and I didn’t mind showing a little bit of school spirit.” 

Other students didn’t really “mean” to match with the days but they didn’t mind. 

“I didn’t really mean to dress up like a dad,” junior Samuel Myers said. “Today I just felt kind of lazy and didn’t feel like wearing jeans so I put some basketball shorts, but it’s funny seeing the other students with their aprons.” 

According to students like sophomore Crystal Velarde, the activities were kind of “boring.” She thinks that the dress-up days were repetitive and not creative. 

“The dress up day plans are mid,” Crystal said. “I am not dressing up this year. The only one that is decent is Halloween and that is because it is Halloween day.” 

Students thought the school spirit was “dead.” They believe that no one in the student body participates in the dress up days. 

“I have not seen any of the students participate,” junior Brenda Alarcon said. “The only students that I have seen dressed up is the students that are in student council.”  

Other students believed they were “decent.” They do not think many students participate because they just come to school to learn and go home.  

“I mean the dress up days were just there, they did not really catch my attention,” senior Leonardo Belman. “I did not really participate, the only one that I participated in was the Halloween costume one, and that is just because I wanted to wear my costume.” 

On the other hand, other students believe that spirit week is “pointless,” they wish that we could just have fun in the football game. 

“I think celebrating during the week is dumb,” junior Juan Martinez said. “We should just have a fun student section in the games, it would make the games for the crowds more enjoyable.”