Chapin Theater to Perform First Show of the Year

Nathaniel Cruz, Staff Editor

Chapin theater is back and ready to perform And He called It Macaroni on November 4th, 5th, and 6th

“It is a musical comedy about Columbus before he discovers America,” said director Cody Ritchey when asked about the play. 

The play flips the script of the real-life events it’s based on to create a comedy where Columbus (played by Michael Pedraza) reports his findings and is admitted into a mental asylum. 

Ritchey chose this play for its humor and had organized it in an attempt to recruit new students to the theater program.  

“We did plays last year, but we couldn’t have audiences so we filmed them, and it was smaller groups of people so it’s been nice to have more people here,” said Ritchey. 

However, due to the influx of new people, there have been some issues. “There’s so many young people, like freshmen and sophomores, so we’ve had to do a lot of teaching.” 

One such new actress is sophomore Natalie Hernandez who plays the role of the Viking princess Olgria. Hernandez spoke on rehearsals stating, “we’re still flaky on a few things, but I think overall it’s just going to end up really well.” 

Auditions were in late August and the cast has been rehearsing throughout September and October in preparation for the three performances in early November. 

And He called it Macaroni is one of the four yearly shows Chapin theater puts on. On top of that, Director Ritchey has hopes for the program to compete, due to the relaxed Covid-19 restrictions. 

“This year we’re hoping, with everything back to normal, that we can try and go to area, regions, or state.”