Stricter Mandate

Sienna Villalobos, Staff Writer

The number of hospitalized covid patients has risen and city officials have decided on the need for masks and how they will be enforced. The mask mandate has been made popular because of how it is differs from Governor Greg Abbott’s state order.  

Once the mask mandate was implemented in school districts many people started to voice their opinions. 

“People say they don’t want to, or they don’t believe in masks but it’s really not necessarily for you but for everybody,” algebra teacher Chloe Vasquez said. 

The new mandate also came with new repercussions that may seem either too lenient or too jarring to some students and faculty. 

“I think being written up for not wearing a mask is harsh,” sophomore Brianna White said. “But it’s also necessary because at the same time, if there were no consequences no one would really follow the rule.”  

Students have decided to either protest or disagree with the mandate by simply not following it and facing the consequences. 

“Part of me doesn’t really understand how hard it is,” Chloe Vasquez said.  “Yes, some people may argue that it’s against their rights, but it’s just a small thing to be able to just stay in class.”  

Although, the mask mandate is not seen as such an inconvenience to all students. 

“The mask doesn’t really affect me negatively,” sophomore Anna Vera said. “Besides maybe harder to breath, but for me, it’s necessary to keep others safe.” 

Brianna also said that wearing a mask is an act of “respect” and shows your peers you care about their health and well-being. 

“Some might say well wearing a mask makes me anxious but at the same time you have to think well, what if the person sitting next to you is getting anxious cause you’re not wearing it?” Chloe said 

However, individuals have been defying the mandate due to their personal views on Covid.  

“The mandate is not there to say that no one cares about your opinions but it’s just that during this pandemic there is no time to only think about ourselves,” Brianna said.