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Chapin vs. Eastwood

Jay Quintanilla, Sports Article

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On Thursday, October 25, 2018, the Chapin Huskies JV football team took on the Eastwood Troopers. It took place in our home field at 7:30 pm. The boys were supported by their fellow peers, parents, and varsity players. The JV team supported the freshmen team as they played right before them. Freshmen team took a loss, but by only a few points. Jv, on the other hand, took a win. They worked hard and put in all their effort to finish this game. They made every minute and second count. Point by point, they got closer and closer to winning. With hard work and dedication they managed to work together and have each others back. Of course they had some mistakes, but they picked each other up, regrouped, and gain those points back. The  coaches did not have to do much yelling because the boys do what they’re told the first time and if they make a mistake, they learn form it and do better next time.

The two teams shake hands and say good job to the good work and game they put in that night.

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Chapin vs. Eastwood