Captain Marvel Review

Although Avengers Infinity War put several other Marvel Movies in its shadow, a Marvel of a Marvel Movie was released a month before Avengers Endgame. This Marvel is one of the few female characters given their own solo movie and is known as- Captain Marvel.


This was a Great Movie! It started out with plenty of Intrigue and Mystery.  The characters were very solid in every way (such as personality, methods, and several more factors). And Carol (our main protagonist) began progressing in every aspect from the very beginning.


From the very beginning, we saw Carol’s capabilities and flaws but not very much of a backstory. In the beginning, I did not feel very immersed in the film. However, over the course of the movie, we begin to see the rest of her and several other characters stories come together, which begins to shape everyone’s character. At this point, I was immersed in the movie and was having a great time watching the origin story of Nick Fury, Phil Colson, Carol Danvers, and Lashana Lynch unfold before my eyes. By the end of the movie, several separate stories were told, but even when they were all different they still came back together into one neat package. Such stories tell how the Avengers Protocol came to be, how Nick Fury lost his eye, the truth of the Kree, and so much more.


I give this movie a 10 out of ten. The Characters were strong on many levels, the story made complete sense (even when there were twists), the script was very strong with plenty of emotion and humor, and many unsolved mysteries in this universe were solved. I would highly suggest seeing this movie before Avengers Endgame. Because this Captain has made a Marvel of a film.