Pick of the Flicks: Coco

Pick of the Flicks:  Coco

Jae Hwang

Pixar’s latest tearjerker Coco is being called a beautiful work of cinematography that deals with family and celebrating our past. Coco, the second Pixar film to be released in 2017 after Cars 3, showcased the best of what Pixar had to offer. With memorable music, a touching storyline and intricate detail put into every frame, this movie is sure to exceed your expectations. Directed by academy award-winning Lee Unkrich and music by Golden Globe recipient Michael Giacchino, this dynamic duo was a match made in heaven. Unkrich is not a newcomer when it comes to Pixar movies. Having previously worked on successful movies such Monsters Inc., Toy Story 2, and Finding Nemo, Unkrich has added the Pixar-like magic and life into Coco. Giacchino, composer of many famous movies scores such as Inside Out, The Incredibles, Mission Impossible, Up, etc. has continued his streak for amazing movie soundtracks with Coco that will undoubtedly become sing-along songs. Coco follows the story of Miguel, a young boy who dreams to follow in the footsteps of Ernesto de la Cruz, the greatest musician to ever live. There is one thing that keeps him from following his dream, his family’s hatred for music. Ever since his great-great grandfather left his family to pursue music, it was banned from their family. Miguel finds himself stuck in the Land of the Dead and must return before the end of Día de los Muertos or he’ll be stuck forever. With the help of Hector, a sly trickster, and Dante his canine sidekick, Miguel experiences an adventure of a lifetime. Coco is an excellent addition to Pixar and is a movie that will captivate audiences both young and old.